Growing tropical fruits in Australia

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How to Minimise Pesticide Residue When Growing or Buying Produce

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Most commercially grown produce has traces of pesticides on it, but what is the best way for people to minimise how much pesticide residue they consume? Read on to discover some top tips for reducing pesticide residue when growing and purchasing fruit and vegetables. Rinse the produce  Because pesticides are a chemical residue, the best way to minimise a pesticide’s effect is to remove it from food before consumption. If you have already washed the produce, then all you need to do is rinse the food under cold running water. Read More»

Choosing the Right Tractor for Your Homestead

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Buying property for sustainable homesteading is becoming an increasingly popular option for many families. This endeavor may be something you are considering, but you may be concerned about the equipment you will need. One main piece of multi-purpose equipment you will need is a tractor. When you begin looking at tractors for sale, you may be overwhelmed with the options. Here are a few things to look for that can help you choose the right option for your homestead. Read More»

Need a Larger Water Tank? 4 Reasons You Should Go Vertical

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When you buy a water tank, you have to consider everything from size, to material, to colour – there’s a lot to think about. One of the most vital considerations is whether to opt for a vertical tank or a horizontal tank. Their design differences work around very different requirements. For example, those requiring a larger water tank should almost certainly pick a vertical one, and here are just four good reasons why. Read More»

5 Tips for Getting the Best from Your Lawn Sprinklers

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Sprinkler systems make it easier to water your lawn in an efficient way. However, greater efficiency can be achieved when homeowners implement certain measures. This article discusses some of those tips and tricks that can enable you to get better performance from your lawn sprinklers. Use Timers It can be hard to remember to turn on the lawn sprinklers manually whenever the lawn needs to be watered. Avoid worrying about turning on the sprinkler by installing a timer to operate the sprinkler automatically. Read More»

Two Ways To Reduce Pesticide Residue On Your Child's Fruit

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Every day, millions of mums pack a fruit snack into their child’s lunchbox but when was the last time you stopped and thought about whether this healthy snack could cause health issues in the future? As a mum who is about to send her child off to prep at school for the first time, the fruit choice you make could end up having a negative impact on their health because of pesticide residue left on the fruit skin. Read More»